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Melaka, Malaysia

Hello Folks!

How are ya? I am doing great. Enjoying my life here in Singapore, to the fullest. Recently, my co-worker & I decided to venture out to Singapore’s next door neighbor Malaysia. Based on the recommendation of locals we hopped on a bus to Melaka (which is also spelled Melacca). 2 stops for customs, 3 1/2 hours later we arrived to a very cute city, and immediately wanted to eat….which I have to report I had the best fried rice ever.

We decided to knock out everything we could in two days, and boy we did. We did a lot of sight seeing: churches, temples, China town, stumbled upon an “War is Crime” Exhibition. I bought some unneccessary items (yes, I convinced myself that I and someone else needed a metal back scratcher) ate some great food, go-kart (awesome time!), overall it was a great weekend.

Update - I am mastering the artful skill of street vendor negotiation. I also discovered my new favorite thing - potato on a stick (think potato chips on a stick. Yes, it is as good as it sounds). Pure heaven.

One last thing….we also went to the zoo, where for some reason we kept seeing some of the craziest things…example - did you know animals drink other animals urine?! No this was not a 1x thing, my fellow traveler & I saw this at least 3 times…with different animals. I guess that is the other 1% we have as humans that makes us different.

Enjoy the pictures.


Melaka, Malaysia - Volume II

Melaka, Malaysia - Volume I



Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka, Malaysia